[ NOTE ] 

May is full of dark intrigue with Anna Cyzon's last performance before her European summer tour dates.  Anna is like an elusive black panther, spending her summer nights working the hidden late -night European club scene. Anna then slips back home quietly into the icy foggy Toronto nights,
working the boutique hotels and speak-easy red light spaces.
Anna's mood is dark and her voice is forbidden.  Poetry is the perfect space for her.
- Think Miles's Betty Davis.

Whether its the classics, scatting hooks, or a Motown cover, Chelsey Bennett brings her character, energy and soul into her music. She combines her jazz training with her love for traditional and modern r&b to create a high energy, raw neo-soul performance. She recently released her first original EP entitled, 'No End'
Think Minnie Riperton.

 Joanna Majoko, new to the Poetry stage, Joanna brings a bag of jazz standards, spiced with her signature dark cool. 
- Think Ella

Nerissa Bradley is new to the Poetry stage and her imposing disposition matches her distinct voice and mood.  Nerissa reworks the classic hits like no one you’ve heard before. 
- Think Nina

Quincy Bullen is seriously going places and Poetry will be the take off launching pad. Quincy’s mood on the keys is like sweet pain and his voice will steal your soul.  Don’t move, let it happen.  
- Think Marvin

Neal Brathwaite Mr Cool', the most in demand Saxophone player in Toronto, steps into the Poetry* space on April 20th, for the first of a series of limited performances we call MOOD.   
- Think Coltrane

Brooke Blackburn's AFTRDARK' Wednesday Blues series at Poetry* is dark and uneasy, Brooke doesn't fake the blues, he's real and didn't learn his game from private school, but from his paternal lineage, that goes directly back to the American-Canadian underground railroad history.  
Brooke's band The Bentley Collective takes you back to the smell and silhouettes of a
Mississippi Delta Jook Joint. 
- Think Howlin Wolfe

Thompson Egbo is the man in charge of the room, no mistaken. Egbo brings with him songs from his new record - A New Standard and with it; a disclaimer warning; if you are not prepared to be hypnotized, do not listen. 
- Think Monk

Jenna Glatt is an “exceptionally gifted” singing sensation with an impressive track record. Berklee (Boston) Grad. Jenna has appeared at many international music festivals, radio and television programs and has been collaborating with selected producers and songwriters from New York City to Nashville.  Experience her silky, soulful mood up close & personal, only at POETRY.
- Think Lisa Stansfield